Thursday, November 21, 2019

College Algebra Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

College Algebra - Assignment Example This is due to human error associated with the way in which I measured the object. There are a couple sources of error that could have lead to this high level of experimental error. The first is the way in which the measurement was taken. By not keeping consistent when measuring, there will be a certain degree of error. Although it was easy to measure the diameter due to its linear nature, the circumference is probably where the majority of the measuring error occurred. This is because it has a curve which is hard to measure when using something linear such as a ruler because it becomes more of a measure of multiple tangent points rather than the actual circumference. In measuring and scientific studies, human error always plays a part in the error of science and mathematics. There are multiple skills that I have learned here which can help in my life. The first is to understanding the difference between precision and accuracy. In life, sometimes it is important to be consistent in your results rather than being accurate all of the time. Being aware of your biases and your tendencies in mathematics such as rounding and measurements are important, especially when dealing with aspects of business and finance. The value is probably more accurate in the assignment where we drew polygons inscribed into the circle. This is because on the polar graph paper, the straight lines were made in relation to the angles created at the intersecting points. Plus, the lines are all tangent to the circle which we use in calculus in order to find the values of curves, rather than as in algebra we find measurements using lines. The best approximation for inscribing the polygon was once a polygon with 36 sides was inscribed within the circle. This allowed for the most accurate measurement with only a variability of 10 degrees at each corner intersection point. When you divide the

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