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Project Description Of A Business Case - 816 Words

†¢ Project description It includes project’s needs like design objectives, benefits, risks, issue and project’s initiation, background of the project, timeline, project’s financial aspects, identification of the stakeholders and so on(Rouse). †¢ Cost-benefit analysis This section helps in evaluation of the financial aspect of the project. It helps in finding the economical options for solving the problems. It includes both financial and non-financial benefits due to the proposed project. To illustrate in details, different charts and drawings are presented (Rouse). †¢ Recommendations In this step, a system analyst, who prepared business case, make a recommendation for the best option of the solutions. If there is any modifications†¦show more content†¦All of them are effective and good for the preparation of the business case. Template one from national innovation center focuses on each and every point about the business. It helps in exploring the business needs and outcomes in good manner. Here, executive summary is short and to the point. Market analysis, risk and sensitivity analysis are done in vivid manner. However, many subheadings and contents are used in this template. Therefore, it is little bit time consuming on the analysis of the business case. A business case template two from outlines how to carry out the public- private partnership project. The template provides the systematized approach for evaluating and exhibiting public- private partnership project. It exhibits the business needs in great details. However, financial parts relating to the business dealing, stakeholder and cost analysis is not clear. Third template from the spice-works describes the business case in a simple and straightforward manner. It tries to emphasis how the business case work, and how it plays vital role in the initiation of the project. This business case looks good enough to convince management that the proposed project is worth full and beneficial. Every points in this business case template looks simple, clean and more compelling which helps easily in the approval for the project. It explains the problem; pinpoint the possible choices toShow MoreRelatedThe Application Of A Project1291 Words   |  6 Pages Part 1 1.0 PROJECT DRIVERS 1.1 The User Business or Background of the Project Effort 1.2 Goals of the project 1.3 Client, Customer and other Stakeholders 1.4 Users of the Product 2.0 PROJECT CONSTRAINTS 2.1 Mandated Constraints 2.2 Implementation environment of the current system 2.3 Partner Applications 2.4 Anticipated workplace environment 3.0 FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS 3.1 The Scope of the Work 3.2 The Scope of the Product 3.3 Functional and Data Requirements 4.0 NON-FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS 5.0Read MoreKey Stages Of The Project Cycle1109 Words   |  5 PagesExplain the four (4) key stages of the project cycle. Your response MUST describe the key activities involved in EACH stage: Stage 1:Initiation: Develop a business case which describes the business opportunity or issue and present to management. Once approved, then commence feasibility study to research the issue/opportunity and possible solutions. Document solutions and decide upon preferred option. Identify objectives and scope of solutions. Document all project deliverables and impact on stakeholdersRead MoreCase Study : A Business Case1265 Words   |  6 PagesA business case is a well-reason argument which is documented to convince a decision maker for an action by considering the changes, risks involved and cost. It has to articulate a clear path to ROI. For complex issues, business case must be documented. For many projects, business case may not be clear so documentation is required. A well-crafted business case outlines all the necessary feasible approaches for a given problem and business owners can be able to choose the option that best suits theRead MoreThe Stage Of A Project971 Words   |  4 Pages4.6 Stage 6- Close Out and Evaluation Description: 4.6.1 Project closeout: It is the final stage of a project during which the stakeholders signify full acceptance of the project’s completion, without outstanding reservations, and in so doing accept that project funding is no longer available. †¢ Prerequisites for closeout include: The plant, facility, addition or alteration (i.e. the project) is commissioned and any needed Performance Test completed; †¢ Deficiencies identified at the MechanicalRead MoreEntity-relationship Model and Mountain View Community1374 Words   |  6 Pages TEZIR-1 CS 504.2354 Mountain View Community Hospital Project Case 3 Project Question: 1. Why would Mountain View Community Hospital want to use entity-relationship modeling to understand its data requirements? What other ways might the hospital want to model its information requirements? This hospital wants to use E-R modeling to understand data requirements. E-R modeling is very easy to understand and shows all the business rules. †¢ Entity-relationship modeling is logical representationRead MoreDesigning A Formal Project Management Methodology, Quality Assurance Program, And Sdlc Control Environment1093 Words   |  5 PagesExperience †¢ Contributor to project implementations that utilized a formal project management methodology, quality assurance program, and SDLC control environment †¢ Ensuring quality customer service standards are met. †¢ Directs daily operations in order to provide quality products and services. †¢ Ensure proper staffing levels with trained associates. SKILLS ABILITIES †¢ Knowledge of testing techniques and technologies. †¢ Ability to create automated test cases for regression purposes on multipleRead MoreVirtual Teams1070 Words   |  5 PagesVirtual Teams in Action: Building the F-35 Fighter Case Study 1 By: Alyssa Dimeck MGT 404 10/09/2011 Professor Samuel Palmeri Virtual Teams in Action: Building the F-35 Fighter CASE SUMMARY The U.S. Department of Defense is known for their F-35 Lighting II Program; the focal point for defining affordable next generation stealth fighter aircraft. In 2002, the Department of Defense announced Lockheed Martin Aeronautic as the designer and builder of the fighter with Northrop Grumman andRead MoreCase Study720 Words   |  3 Pagesprecise specification (terms of reference) for the project Often called the project terms of reference, the project specification should be an accurate description of what the project aims to achieve, and the criteria and flexibilities involved, its parameters, scope, range, outputs, sources, participants, budgets and timescales (beware - see note below about planning timescales). Typically and prior to the projects formal establishment the project terms of reference are produced or at least draftedRead MoreCritical Factors Of Erp Implementations1050 Words   |  5 PagesCritical Factors of ERP Implementations: Two Cases from Saudi Arabia Abstract Seven categories of critical success factors were identified from the ERP literature: â€Å"business plan and vision†; â€Å"change management†; â€Å"communication†; â€Å"ERP team composition, skills and compensation†; â€Å"top management support and championship†; â€Å"project management† and â€Å"system analysis, selection and technical implementation†. In this paper, a case study of two organizations in Saudi Arabia has been conducted, both organizationsRead MoreSdlc And Change Management Policy. The Following Outlines1446 Words   |  6 PagesRe-seller PROCEDURES: A. REQUESTS: Requests for all system development work, including break/fix, continuous improvements, data scripts, and projects will be documented in an approved Help Desk Management System. Each ticket in the Help Desk Management System will include: †¢ Initiator’s name and contact information; †¢ Date/Time of notification; †¢ Description of requested change and/or problem; †¢ Priority set by the IT Personnel; †¢ Category of the change and/or problem. Types of Changes: †¢ Custom

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