Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Pysch essays

Pysch essays Personality develops from the day we are born and is aided by physiological development. The personality that us as humans develop occurs throughout our lifetime, the most significant stage of our personality is growth through the stage of adolescence. During this time in a childs life, most people and especially the childs parents easily influence him or her. Parents have the most impact on how the child is raised, what they are to teach it and how the child should function in society. Beyond the parents, there is outside influence that can affect the child, such as a teacher, peers or any individual the child comes in contact with. Beyond any individual, I believe that the TV also has a great effect on a child. Such factors influence the way personality develops in an individual. The way such factors alter or add to the growth of personality is rather complex. All the thoughts and words taken in by the subject are interpreted and in some cases acted upon. For instance, one might watch a TV show and see or hear something interesting or might be fascinated by how a character might act. With these thought and views, the child might act like the TV character; making or shaping their personality like that of a Batman or a Homer Simpson. While such influences can be unhealthy for a young child, depending on the role portrayed by the character, at times the role of a certain actor can cause the child to learn to be an exceptional individual. Perhaps Mr. Rogers' demeanor can give a child a strong grasp on how to behave or act. Personality development, I believe has three sides, a good side, a bad side, and a neutral side. It would be desirable if personality could lean toward the good side but that is not always the case. Bad influence is the easiest and most common influence a child can adapt because it can be fun whereas being an exceptional person with a caring personality is boring. Wh ...

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